Soda Ash

Natural, Versatile, Essential

Genesis Alkali operates the world’s largest natural soda ash mine and production site, offering a secure, reliable, diverse range of high quality product choices. Our soda ash operations in Green River, Wyoming, home of the world’s largest deposit of trona ore, utilize a truly exceptional multi-disciplined process, from mining, manufacturing and product development through product delivery. Constant innovation is one of our guiding philosophies.

To produce a lower cost, natural alternative to synthetic soda ash, we have built a solid track record of meeting the needs of customers in a wide range of industries. Our team of research specialists continues to develop innovative mining and processing techniques to revolutionize the way soda ash is produced, bringing this vital and versatile product to our customers in the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.

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Globally, about half of all soda ash is consumed by the glass industry. Flat glass for autos, homes and office buildings, and container glass for consumer products, are the two largest segments. Other glass-related uses include lighting, glassware, display screens for consumer electronics and solar panels. Soda ash reduces the melting temperature of sand used in glass formulations, and alkali helps aid in the “workability” or forming of the glass product.

Soda ash is widely used in soaps, detergents, and other cleaning products. It is a good source of alkalinity for pH adjustment and is an effective component for softening water. It also provides the sodium source for the production of pharmaceuticals, food preservatives, adhesives, and pulp and paper.

Our natural soda ash is a versatile, essential component of many products and vital product uses that touch our lives every day.

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Soda Ash Documents

The documents below are good for all product grades of Soda Ash.

NSF-60 Drinking Water Standard_ Soda Ash doc Soda Ash USMCA Form 2022
Continuing Guarantee-Country of Origin-Soda Ash Soda Ash USMCA Form 2023
Halal 2023 Certificate Food Grade Status (GRAS) Non GFSI
Kosher certificate_ Soda Ash Prop 65 Statement
Lot Numbering Soda Ash-bulk RoHS Compliance soda ash
Lot Numbering Soda Ash-bagged Shelf Life Soda Ash
ISO Certificate Genesis
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