Our Unique, Bright Alkali

Sesqui® is produced as brilliant white translucent crystals. It is stable, non-caking, dust-free, free-flowing, and easy to handle. Sesqui® is a unique brand of alkali that is perfect for a variety of household product and industrial uses such as bath salts, mild industrial and specialty cleaners, swimming pool pH balancers, laundry detergents, and water softeners.

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Sesqui® is popular in these varied uses because it combines the benefits of both soda ash and sodium bicarbonate into a single, uniform product. Those benefits include its free-flowing and dust-free characteristics as well as having excellent buffering capacity, complete and rapid dissolving properties in water, superior water softening capabilities, mild yet effective alkali cleaning properties, and a silky smooth feel.

Physical mixtures of both sodium carbonate (soda ash) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can be created that approximate the chemical composition of Sesqui, but Sesqui is superior to such mixtures because of these characteristics and benefits:

  • A single particle size that maintains uniformity and eliminates the possibility of separation.
  • Free-flowing, dustless crystals with average pH of 9.9.
  • An appealing luster that mixtures of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate cannot match.
  • No formation of decahydrate and/or monohydrate when Sesqui is combined with water.
  • Ability to maintain an inventory of only one product with uniform consistency, instead of two.

Sesqui® Documents

The documents below are good for all product grades of Sesqui®.

Allergens Statement and Checklist ISO Certificate Genesis
BSE-TSE Statement-Sesqui Sesqui USMCA Form 2022
Coarse Sesqui SDS Sesqui USMCA Form 2023
Continuing Guarantee-Country of Origin Sesqui NSF Statement Sesqui
GMO Statement Sesqui Nutritional Analysis Sesqui
Kosher Certificate_ Sesqui Shelf Life-Sodium Sesquicarbonate
Heavy Metals Statement – Sesqui Halal Conformance Statement_Sesqui
Lot Numbering System Sesqui Bags OMRI cert: Sesqui
Product Literature Data Sheets