Glass Production

Offering broadest range of soda ash grades and densities in the market.

We are a recognized leader in supplying soda ash to the glass industry, beginning with pioneering production of natural soda ash at our Green River, Wyoming, plant in 1948. Soda ash reduces the melting temperature of the sand used in glass formulations, and the alkali aids in the workability or forming of the glass item.

As the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash, we offer the broadest range of soda ash grades and densities in the market. And we are the only natural soda ash producer to provide two types of dense ash to the glass industry. Our processes make either a “needle-like” or “blocky” crystal shape, with similar chemical properties. Our Grade 260 has long been the standard in soda ash products for the glass industry.

Particle sizing and the density of raw materials used in the glass industry are critical to the desired properties of the final glass product. A typical glass formulation can contain up to 20 different chemicals. Each chemical used in a formulation has a specific function in meeting the desired end-product specifications. Batch homogeneity, the careful blending of the raw materials, is the most important aspect of the glass-making process. Genesis Alkali’s soda ash has been shown to blend well with all other batch constituents.

The flat glass industry primarily produces glass used in automobiles (tempered glass), new home windows (insulated for energy saving properties), and the after-market segment (replacement windows and doors).

The glass container industry is very diverse. Containers for beer are the most prevalent, with wine bottles, food containers, juice and specialty drink bottles filling out the product mix. Colored glasses are prominent in this industry, too, with amber (dark brown) containers for beer and many shades of green containers used for wine. Clear, flint glasses are used for food and drink products.

For every application or end use, Genesis Alkali is there, providing the right formulation to meet the most demanding applications.