Cleaning and Sanitation

Soda ash is widely used in the cleaning compounds industry.

Delivering the highest level of performance for cleaning compounds and sanitizers is a top priority for Genesis Alkali. For many years, our products have effectively served both the home laundry and industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning compounds markets. We consider these markets among our most important.

Soda ash, or sodium carbonate, is widely used in the cleaning compounds industry. This product’s grades vary in density and absorptivity, so the grade choice depends on the detergent manufacturing process to be used and the surfactant level desired.

Soda ash has several functions in powdered detergent products. It is a good source of alkalinity, a carrier of surfactants and dyes and an effective precipitating builder for removing hardness ions from water. In the detergent manufacturing process, soda ash aids agglomeration and may be used to neutralize the acid form of anionic surfactants.

Soda ash can also be hydrated to carry water as an inexpensive filler, and to enhance the storage and dissolving properties of the detergent. We manufacture several sodium carbonate products including dense soda ash, Grade 100™ (light soda ash), and AbsorptaPlus™.

Grade 100 is a standard in I&I formulating due to its absorptive properties and ideal bulk density. AbsorptaPlus is a light soda ash with increased absorptivity and advanced processing characteristics beyond that of other light soda ash. We designed this product with the I&I formulator in mind.

Chemically, Sesqui™ sodium sesquicarbonate is a double salt of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate with water of hydration. Sesqui has the appearance of brilliant white, translucent crystals and is non-caking, dust-free and free-flowing. Sesqui is a mild alkali with very good water softening and buffering properties.

Sodium bicarbonate is a very mild alkali with very good buffering properties. It can be tabletized to form effervescent products and is a source of buffered mild alkalinity for cleaning compounds.

All of the carbonates can be used as an economical source of alkalinity, buffering or water conditioning in mildly concentrated liquid formulations.