Chemical Manufacturing

Comprehensive Chemical Solutions to Address Specific Customer Needs

Genesis Alkali does more than produce materials used in a wide range of synthesis applications. We provide comprehensive solutions to address specific customer needs.

Our natural soda ash provides the sodium source for the manufacture of many materials including sodium percarbonate, sodium phosphates, sodium sulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium acetate, sodium nitrite, sodium silicate and sodium citrate. It is also used in the production of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which we also produce.

Soda ash can also be used as a functional substitute for caustic soda in applications such as pH adjustment, acid neutralization, sodium chemicals manufacture, and pulp and paper processing.

Our caustic soda is used as the primary strong base in the chemical industry. Applications include cleaning, detergent production, water treatment, oil drilling, fuel processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, biodiesel production, food preparation and more. It has other uses in the chemical industry, too, such as starch production or desulphurization in the petrochemical industry.

It can also be used a basic feedstock for a number of downstream products, including solvents, plastics, fabrics, adhesives, coatings, herbicides, dyes, inks, pharmaceuticals, and more.