Animal Nutrition

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S-Carb® Pure & Proven For Animal Nutrition

S-Carb® – purified sodium sesquicarbonate, is a free flowing, white, crystalline product that is nonhydroscopic and less dusty than traditional ruminant buffers. Genesis is unique in that all aspects of S-Carb production are patented and vertically integrated at our Green River, Wyoming USA facility.  As the premier supplier to the Animal Nutrition industry, we are committed to reliably and safely producing only pure and proven products.

Dairy Usage: S-Carb is used as a buffer to maintain rumen pH; alleviate butterfat depression due to low fiber diets; aid fiber digestibility; and balance dietary electrolytes.

Poultry Usage: In broiler and turkey diets, S-Carb is used as a sodium source to maintain electrolyte balance, improve heat stress tolerance and litter quality. In layer diets, S-Carb is used to improve eggshell quality, particularly in older hens.

Swine Usage:  In swine diets, S-Carb is used as a sodium source to maintain electrolyte balance and  improve heat stress tolerance.

S-Carb is available in bulk shipments or packaged in 50 lb. bags, 25 kg bags, 1 metric tonne bags, 1 ton bags.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Genesis also manufactures feed grade sodium bicarbonate for use in dairy, poultry and swine diets.
Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is available in bulk shipments or packaged in 50 lb bags, 25kg bags and 1 ton bags.

Delivery Options

Delivery options for S-Carb and Sodium Bicarbonate include hopper truck, pneumatic truck, or rail car.  Export delivery arrangements can be made as needed.