S-Carb® for Livestock

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As a supplier to the feed industry for more than 25 years, we manufacture S-Carb® – refined sodium sesquicarbonate. S-Carb is a pure, free flowing, white, crystalline product that is nonhydroscopic and less dusty than traditional ruminant buffers. Genesis Alkali is unique in that all aspects of our S-Carb production are vertically integrated at our Green River facility. We are committed to producing only pure and proven products for the animal feed industry.

Dairy Usage: S-Carb is used as a buffer to maintain rumen pH, alleviate butterfat depression due to low fiber diets, and aid fiber digestibility.

Poultry Usage: In broiler and turkey diets, S-Carb is used as a sodium source to maintain electrolyte balance, improve heat stress tolerance, and dry litter. In layer diets, S-Carb is used to improve eggshell quality, particularly in older hens.

S-Carb is available in bulk shipments by hopper truck, pneumatic truck, or rail cars. The product is also packaged in 50 lb. bags, 25 kilo bags, 1 metric ton bags, 1 ton bags, and bulk.

The documents below are good for all product grades of S-Carb:

Animal Bovine TSE BSE Statement Lot Numbering System S-Carb Bags _ S America_ES-LA
Lot Numbering System S-Carb Bags _ S America S-Carb NAFTA Certificate 2017
Continuing Guarantee Country of Origin S-Carb S-Carb NAFTA Certificate 2018
GMO Statement S-Carb ISO 2018 Certificate Genesis
Kosher Certificate S Carb 2018 OMRI cert: Sodium Bicarbonate livestock feed
Lot Numbering System S-Carb Super Sacks 2017 OMRI cert: S-Carb
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Comparison of Solubility of Buffers in Rumen Fluid DCAD in dairy diets
Buffers for Feedlot Cattle S-Carb swine research
S-Carb swine directions Shelf Life S-Carb ES-LA
Shelf Life S-Carb S-Carb tech data sheet Spanish
Recomendaciones alimenticias para el uso de S-Carb en vacas lecheras Recomendaciones alimenticias para el uso de S-Carb en aves
Papel de Calor del equilibrio Acido El Sodio de la dieta y cama seca
La Producción lechera y las diferencias en Cationes Comparación de S-Carb – SB – Trona
Preguntas de S-Carb COMPARACION S-Carb vs Bicarbonato
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S-Carb® The 10% Advantage Certificate of Origin – w Manufacturing Address – S-Carb
Lot Numbering System S-Carb Bags

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