Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry faces new challenges as global competition and environmental compliance costs squeeze profit margins. Genesis Alkali supplies products and solutions to help these companies compete successfully in this dynamic market.

Soda ash and sodium bicarbonate provide useful benefits in the pulping process and in the neutralization of effluent streams. Primarily dense ash is used in water treatment throughout a paper plant and in coating formulations, and can be a major component in some pulp digestion and bleaching processes. Soda ash has been substituted for caustic soda when caustic prices rise due to its direct relationship to chlorine production.

In the Kraft paper process, soda ash plays a major role both as a vital constituent for minor pulping and as an intermediate chemical formed in the regeneration process. As an example, soda ash, as a cheaper additive, might be added to the digestion process if an alkali is desired as the makeup chemical to produce a higher NAOH or Na2S ratio and fed to the smelt dissolver system.